Automatic blister packing machine

Automatic Blister Packing Machine for PVC-ALU & PVDC-ALU.

The Most versatile Vaccum-Forming machine for packing capsules,Tablets & caplets involving auto feeding. Edge to Edge cutting saves 6mm foil, Inbuilt Print Registration Control(PRC) and (NFD) Non-Fill Detection System, 360 Degree Down Stream Automation, Separate Embossing and Separate Perforation Station, Recipe Program through HMI.

Salient features:

  • Designed to form Vaccum Forming for High Production & Small Scale Production
  • Variable Advance with PLC controlled operation.
  • Low cost operational cost with easy change over.

General Description:

  • The Blis Pac+ is a fully Automatic Blister Packing Machine suitable for the Pharmaceuticals grade Blisters specially designed for Production Purpose. It works in the principle of Forming, Filling, Sealing, and Punching & Automatic Pack Discharge.
  • This machine is capable of using a wide variety of materials such as PVC-ALU, PVDC, ACLAR to form the pockets then, Seals the filled pockets punches with defined dimension and length of the pack before coding the individual blisters for batch nos. and expiry dates.
  • The machine is guaranteed to perform and operate in guaranteed quality output. The command and control parameters are omnipresent throughout the entire production cycle.
  • The standard Blis Pac+ performs under the below mentioned guidelines.

Technical Specification:

PVC/PVDC/ACLAR ALUMINIUM/GLASSINE PAPER WITH HEAT SEALABLE Max. 100mm x 200mm 80 to 100 Packs per Min.(Depends upon the Product and pack size and Product dimensions)


  • The production capacity rating of the machine is entirely dependent upon the product & Physical parameters and is best denoted by the accompanying Layout, which is specific to the Product.
  • The Forming film or the base film is mounted on the reel feed Assembly which is driven by Gravity and brake belt will control the excess foil.
  • The reel is then wound across into the Blister forming Roller where the Blister cavities are formed using Vaccum forming by a Vaccum Pump inside the machine. A mechanical chain driven Sprocket Drives the Blister Forming Roller.
  • The cavities are formed due to the continuous motion of the Web.
  • The product is filled through the feeding channel Assembly which flows from the Bowl Feeder & the Bowl Dish. The product-filled web now travels into the Sealing Roller Assembly where the base film and the lidding foil are fused with the product. The lidding foil is drawn out of a reel feed Assembly which is driven by gravity and brake belt will control the excel foil.
  • The lidding foil would then be fused to the base film at the Sealing Roller. Cooling of the Blister is done to reduce the bimetallic effect to the minimum.
  • Embossing batch number details onto the narrow end of the blister is done with the help of External metallic letters as per the size suggested. These metallic digits are inserted into the Embossing Digit Holder and embosses under heat. The batch numbers can be read out from the lidding foil side or even from the PVC film side depending upon the customers’ requirements.
  • The sealed web is then indexed into the perforation Tool Assembly which is again under heat to Give better-perforated serrations on the Blisters.
  • The sealed web is then further indexed in to the punching tool with the Web Index Gripper Assembly which shears the web from the surrounding waste to form packs Containing Pre determined products. The Filled Blisters are Pick with the pack discharge Assembly (PDA) & Placed on the Conveyor Belts which further transfers to the Cartnator machine. The Non Fill Blisters are rejected by the PDA & dropped at 45` degree angle inside the rejection Bin.
  • The surrounding waste is then punched out from the Punching Tool as a small Trim which is Collected in the Bin.